3 Winning Insights for Being an International Keynote Speaker

WOW! Time is just flying by so quickly.

Another year is about to start in 3 days.

Can you believe it?

How does time move so fast?


I think one thing that makes time move fast is when you are busy living your purpose.

In the last 365 days, I have traveled throughout the world giving keynote presentations. In addition to flying all over the U.S., I have also given presentations in Fiji, South Africa, England, Australia, and Mexico.

To be honest, I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to speak on stages throughout the world.

During the holidays, a family member asked, “Marlon, why is it that you receive so many invitations to speak throughout the U.S. and all over the world?”

Marlon speaking in South Africa

Marlon speaking in South Africa

This question made me reflect.

Why is it that I continue to receive so many invitations to give keynote presentations? And why is that some clients invite me to return year after year after year?

Before I share my answer, I want you to know that I am sharing this with you because I believe ALL of us have a special purpose to fulfill in life. Hopefully, my 3 insights will enlighten you to “shine your light” more.

3 Winning Insights for Being an International Keynote Speaker:

1) Keep It Real

In today’s society where magazine cover pictures are air-brushed and PR companies perform damage control when a celebrity gets in trouble, people are looking to hear “real” messages from “real” folks. They say that within the first 7.3 seconds, an audience sizes up a speaker. In just 7.3 seconds, judgments are made.

To be an effective keynote speaker, KEEP IT REAL… Speak from the heart. People are tired of “over-the-top” fluff. People seem to be more cynical today than ever before. A keynote speaker can pierce through the “wall of cynicism” by being real and offering value. In my upcoming training program: SPEAKER-AUTHOR BLUEPRINT, I will be teaching participants how to extrapolate key insights from their real-life personal and professional experiences so they can master the art of effective story telling.

Realize this: People love stories. And for those keynote speakers who know how to develop and deliver powerful stories within their presentations, the opportunities are amazing.

Personally, I have clients who have invited me to speak each and every year for the past 12 years, 17 years, and even up to 22 consecutive years. When I ask these clients, “What do you want me to speak on this year?” Many say, “Do exactly what you did last year because it works so well.”

Keeping it REAL and mastering the art of story-telling is Insight #1 for being an international keynote speaker.

2) Come to Serve

In a time when there are so many choices all around us, why is it that some keynote speakers continue receiving invitations to speak while the phones never ring for other speakers?

Why is this?

Have you ever heard the cliché, “Do me wrong once, fool on you.   Do me wrong twice, fool on me”?

I equate this to why some speakers get continuous invitations to return and speak from the same clients while other speakers never get a return invite after that first speaking engagement.

You see, it’s not necessarily difficult to have a client schedule you for that first speaking engagement because it’s easy to present the “flashy slick” brochure or have the celebrity pictures on your website (implying that you are friends or that they are endorsing you because you have a picture together). But the bigger question is, “After the first presentation, will I get an invitation to return and speak again for that client?”

The way to be invited back year after year (by some clients) is by giving 100% and coming to serve.

One action that my company, Success By Choice, Inc., does which makes a difference is we have each and every new and existing client complete our online “Pre-Event Customization Questionnaire” form. By having the client complete this online form, my colleagues and I are now able to customize my keynote presentation to meet the client’s specific outcomes.

We never take an existing client for granted.

Some speakers give the same canned presentation regardless of which audience they are speaking to.   Remember, with there being so many speakers today, you want to position yourself as someone who is “head and shoulders” above the crowd.

3) Have Fun 

In today’s stressful and fast-paced world, people are looking for “energy” transformers.

So what exactly is an “energy” transformer and what am I proposing?

To be an amazing keynote speaker who receives standing ovations, you want to “WOW” your audiences with your sincerity, humor and value-added strategies.

There is enough mediocrity and boring stuff in the world. For those keynote speakers who make an audience smile with some humor, reflect with a thought-provoking statement, and listen on the edge of their seats, they will continue to receive more speaking engagement invitations because their speeches are “energizing” audiences.

An “energy” transformer is when a person can transform the energy of who s/he is speaking to. For a keynote speaker to be a powerful “energy” transformer, it requires the ability to enhance and uplift the energy of the audience this his/her speech.

Be yourself and have FUN because when an audience is feeling good, they are more receptive to listening and learning.

Regardless of whether you are a professional keynote speaker or someone with a desire to be a more effective communicator, do visit SPEAKER-AUTHOR BLUEPRINT because this 5-week training will take you through a winning process so you maximize your speaking potential in greater detail. Remember, “Success leaves Footprints” so take advantage of this blueprint training.

Get Ready because YOUR Best is Yet to Come.

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