Am I Still Dreaming?

Are you?

Are you still dreaming?

Isn’t it interesting how children dream BIG dreams when they’re young?

What are Your Dreams?

But unfortunately for many, as they grow up, they stop dreaming and just settle for what life has to offer.

It’s sad but so true!

Why is this?

What allows a child, full of hope and anticipation for the future, to grow up and have their dreams slowly erode away?

Some may say, “Well, they’re now dealing with the ‘real’ world.”  And others may say, “Dreams are not real. Rather, they’re just fantasy.”

My question is: “What makes something real?”

The reason I ask is because everything we see… the chair you’re sitting in, the computer you’re typing on, the walls around you… was first imagined in someone’s mind. Realize this: Everything that you see with your physical eyes happened twice, first in someone’s mind and then in reality.

The reason why so many dreams fade away is because people stop believing.  Are you still dreaming?  Be honest.  Probably not like you used to when you were a child.  And that’s ok because today is a new day.  Don’t beat yourself up because when you reconnect with your creativity and imagination, life takes on new meaning.

Did you know that Olympic-winning and superstar professional athletes visualize their success BEFORE the game has begun. They understand that the mind is a computer and it cannot tell the difference between vivid imagination and reality. Now is the time to strengthen your imagination and that only happens through repetition and practice. Let’s begin.

Your Opportunity Exercise is:

Each day, for the next seven (7) days, you will find a quiet place in the morning and the evening to visualize your dreams.  For at least 5 minutes, twice a day, you will keep your eyes closed, do deep breathing to relax, and visualize your ideal life.  That’s right!… See yourself living life with your dreams fulfilled.  See yourself smiling because you are living your ideal life.  After each 5-minute session, smile because you deserve the best.  Feel free to write your insights and how you feel.

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