How are You Making a Positive Difference?

What are you born to do? What comes easy to you? What is your purpose? I ask these questions because time waits for no one.  The clock keeps on ticking.... Tick Tock... Tick Tock... So what are you doing to make a positive difference with your life? With all that's going on in the world.... the fights... the wars... the apathy... the despair... What is the solution? Think about … [Read more...]

Memorial Day 2015 has Special Meaning

I Truly Appreciate the Commitment and Sacrifice of Our Service Men and Women. Today, I am truly grateful and inspired by the brave men and women who have contributed their lives and made sacrifices so you, me and future generations can have freedom and opportunities. Growing up in the United States of America, it's easy to take things for granted because most of us have been shielded from … [Read more...]

Why is Time Moving So Fast?

  Can you believe it.... It's already March 22, 2015. Is it just me or does it feel like TIME is moving faster? We are already 81 days into 2015. And the question is, "Have you made the most of these last 81 days?" Remember how you felt on New Year's Eve?  Most of us were excited to start a NEW year with new possibilities. You may have even went as far as writing New Year … [Read more...]

Marlon’s NEW eBook – “7 Winning Speaker Strategies”

Are you ready? Are you ready for the challenge? "What's the challenge?" you ask. The challenge is: Making a GREATER Impact in 2015 with Your Life and Your Message. Are you ready? It's easy to talk the good talk.... But the real question is, "Are you walking your talk?" On December 31st, like most people, you probably experienced the excitement and anticipation of the NEW Year. You … [Read more...]

Success By Choice – 23 Year Anniversary

WOW!   Time flies so quickly. On January 15, 1992, I resigned from my systems engineering position at Hewlett-Packard to start my company, Success By Choice, Inc. Today is a SPECIAL Day in my life because it was 23 years ago when I listened to my heart and left my comfort zone to step into the unknown. It’s been an amazing journey. As I reflect upon these last 23 years as a business … [Read more...]

Another Year is Here… Are YOU Ready?

2015 is quickly approaching… Are YOU Ready? Exciting! As we roll out of 2014 and into 2015, answer these 3 questions: 1) What was good about 2014? 2) What breakthroughs or lessons did I learn in 2014? 3) How did I grow in 2014? 4) What's my vision for 2015? 5) What will I do different in 2015? Reflect on these questions…. And go ahead and write your answers because you will be amazed at … [Read more...]

Why Do I Feel Depressed During the Holidays?

Have you ever felt depressed? Ok, maybe the word “DEPRESSED” is too harsh. So let me communicate from another angle… Have you ever felt sad for a long period of time? It’s like you just don’t feel good and it’s hard to get out of this funk. Have you been there? Do you know what I’m talking about? The reason I’m bringing this up is because many people RIGHT NOW are experiencing … [Read more...]

3 Winning Insights for Being an International Keynote Speaker

WOW! Time is just flying by so quickly. Another year is about to start in 3 days. Can you believe it? How does time move so fast? I think one thing that makes time move fast is when you are busy living your purpose. In the last 365 days, I have traveled throughout the world giving keynote presentations. In addition to flying all over the U.S., I have also given presentations in … [Read more...]

Speaker Author Blueprint – Is this right for you?

There is greatness within you. And NOW is the time for you to "STEP UP" and shine your light BRIGHT. On January 15, 1992, I resigned from my corporate position as a systems engineer at Hewlett-Packard in Silicon Valley, CA. For 23 years, I have been blessed traveling throughout the world facilitating leadership seminars. As the founder of Success By Choice, Inc., I have personally … [Read more...]

Readers are Leaders – Is it Really True?

Readers are Leaders – Is it Really True? What do you think? I believe there is something to this – “Readers are Leaders!” As I reflect upon my own life, I have received amazing benefits from my regular reading regimen.  My favorite books are biographies, personal growth,  inspirational novels and spiritual wisdom. Whenever I read a book, my mind expands with new ideas and insights. … [Read more...]