Success By Choice – 23 Year Anniversary

WOW!   Time flies so quickly.

On January 15, 1992, I resigned from my systems engineering position at Hewlett-Packard to start my company, Success By Choice, Inc.

Today is a SPECIAL Day in my life because it was 23 years ago when I listened to my heart and left my comfort zone to step into the unknown.

It’s been an amazing journey.

Speaking to an audience in South AfricaAs I reflect upon these last 23 years as a business owner entrepreneur, I am so grateful for all of my experiences.   Of course, I celebrate “the good” but I also appreciate “the bad” because it was through the challenges of having clients not pay or business partners not honoring their commitments that I grew the most as a man and as a leader.

23 years ago… I was just a young kid with big dreams and even a bigger heart who walked with FAITH into the unknown.


Little did I know that this one decision to resign from Hewlett Packard would have me smiling with so much JOY 23 years later.

Has it been easy? NO. Would I do it again? Absolutely.

I am not sure where you are in your life but I want you to know that whatever you are desiring in your heart, it’s possible… Your dreams are possible. Trust me, you have what it takes to achieve your goals in life… You just have to take that first step.

After I stepped out on faith and resigned from my corporate position, my life transformed. Opportunities, mentors, and divine coincidences just came into my life. I feel so “alive” right now because my Success By Choice team and I are still manifesting our creativity through innovation and technology.

My sincere desire is that you experience your BEST right here, right now. Right Here…. Right Now!   Unfortunately, I see too many people just sleep-walking through life. It’s so sad and yet, so true.

To celebrate my 23 year business anniversary, in my upcoming blog series, I will share my top 23 SUCCESS PRINCIPLES which I have learned through my journey. My outcome is to spark the fire within you to Make A Difference with your life.

And to help encourage you RIGHT NOW, I have written a special eBook for you. I’m making it available for FREE because I’m on a mission to wake up more people to walk in their greatness in 2015. My eBook is entitled, 7 Winning Speaker Strategies – Making a Greater Impact in 2015 with Your Life and Your Message You may obtain your FREE copy at: 7 Winning Speaker Strategies.

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With all the challenges happening in our world, it’s definitely clear that we need more people (like YOU and me) to step up and be part of the solution.

I’m so serious about helping more individuals share their positive message that I’ve even created a unique Speaker Author Blueprint training. If you are interested in creating a GREATER impact as a Speaker – Author – Coach, definitely visit our Speaker Author Blueprint website because this unique training is powerful.

For the last 23 years, I have traveled throughout the world giving keynote presentations in 45 states and 16 countries. Through this Speaker Author Blueprint training, I am committed to helping more individuals share their expertise, their solutions, and their inspiration with the world.

Your time is now… It’s possible to live your dreams…

Before we know it, another 23 years will fly by.

And the question is, “Will I be happy or will I be sad with where I am 23 years from now?”

The choice is yours… The choice is mine…

Let’s commit and make the right choice.

Stay Blessed,


P.S. Remember to get your FREE eBook at: 7 Winning Speaker Strategies

P.S.S. And be sure to visit the Speaker Author Blueprint website because this training may be ideal for you or someone you know… Your time is NOW…

  • ResolutionMan

    Congrats Marlon! Am so blessed to have been a part of your journey and hope that we may be able to cross paths again and this time walk on the same part of the road for longer. Will enjoy your book. Stop by some time and say hello and let’s begin this year with plans to make a bigger difference together! Thanks and may the next 23 years be even more blessed. Roger

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