What Do I Truly Want In Life?

Do you know?

What do you truly want in life?

Your Thoughts are Powerful

This is a powerful question.

If you ask 100 people this question, most will say either, “I don’t know” or “More money and time.”

But neither answer is empowering.

The first answer, “I don’t know” indicates that people rarely reflect upon what they TRULY want.  Rather, they are focusing their energy and thoughts on what they don’t want.

The second answer, “More money and time” highlights the belief that money and time are the sources of happiness.  But is this really true?  If I give 50 cents and 10 seconds of additional free time to you, will you be content? No!  Why not?  Didn’t I give more money and time? Yes, I did.  But because the answer “More money and time” is vague, rather than being specific, even when more is received, there is still no contentment.

The reason why many people are not experiencing all they want in life is because they have not taken the time to get absolutely clear on what they actually desire in life?

It’s easy to waste time by either watching countless hours of TV or gossiping about people.  But that’s not changing the quality of your life.  Now is the time to gain true clarity on what it is that you really desire because with clarity, there is focus.  And with focus, there is power!

So let’s begin.   For the next 20 minutes, write as many things that you want to do, experience, and have in your life.  Be as specific as you can because with clarity there is focus which leads to power.  Do not censor your insights.  Just write as though everything is possible.  Let your mind be free and have fun!  Begin now!

I will…





How was that experience for you?  It’s valuable to gain clarity on what you really want because it empowers you to say, “No” to those things that are not in alignment with your true desires.

So your Opportunity Exercise is:

Each day, for the next seven (7) days, you will do at least one action to move closer to achieving your goals.  Record your daily action items so you may reflect and celebrate that you are putting first things first by taking action.  Remember this, what you do today will dictate where you will be tomorrow.  So let’s make the most of today because it ultimately determines your life.

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