Why Do I Feel Depressed During the Holidays?

Have you ever felt depressed?

Ok, maybe the word “DEPRESSED” is too harsh. So let me communicate from another angle… Have you ever felt sad for a long period of time? It’s like you just don’t feel good and it’s hard to get out of this funk.

Have you been there?

Feelings of Confusion, Depression and Sadness

Feelings of Confusion, Depression and Sadness

Do you know what I’m talking about?

The reason I’m bringing this up is because many people RIGHT NOW are experiencing heightened emotions especially during the holidays.

It’s like everything is amplified even more.

Beyond the Christmas decorations and lights, a lot of people are suffering in silence. I know this to be true because I’ve recently had many conversations regarding this issue.

I’m not sure how you are feeling right now. But if you find yourself or someone you know spiraling into a prolonged sadness, Here Are Some Suggestions:

  • Journal how you’re feeling. Give yourself this gift because something magical happens when you write your thoughts on paper. You will begin to see a different perspective. By writing your thoughts, you will release some of the confusion occurring in your mind. You will experience more clarity.
  • Talk to someone who you feel has your best interests in mind. Sometimes just sharing a conversation will allow you to gain positive revelations to your situation.
  • Schedule an appointment with a professional therapist or counselor if you feel additional insights are needed. Definitely get the necessary help because brighter days are in your future.

I am sharing this message so that more people will experience their best days rather than suffering their worst days.

Feel free to share this message with your family, friends and colleagues because we really never know what someone is truly going through and dealing with at this time.

Be a “Messenger of Hope” for your loved ones.

People are counting on YOU.



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