Why is Time Moving So Fast?


Time keeps on ticking… Tick Tock

Can you believe it…. It’s already March 22, 2015.

Is it just me or does it feel like TIME is moving faster?

We are already 81 days into 2015.

And the question is, “Have you made the most of these last 81 days?”

Remember how you felt on New Year’s Eve?  Most of us were excited to start a NEW year with new possibilities.

You may have even went as far as writing New Year Resolutions.

So now that we’re 81 days into the New Year, how are you feeling?

Has the excitement of a New Beginning faded away?

In all honestly, for most people, the excitement has faded away and the days are just now rolling into weeks and the weeks are just turning into months so quickly.

Listen Up!

Your life matters.  And NOW is the time to have more FUN, more passion, and more excitement.

Right here, right now!

So how do we do it?  How do we get excited about every single day of life?

Here is the first of my Top-10 insights for Experiencing the MOST in Life…

#1) Being Grateful for what You have!

With commercial advertising, it’s so easy to get caught up and focus so much on what other people have or what they are doing that we forget to be 100% grateful for who we are and what we already have.  One way to eradicate this “Keeping up with the Joneses” mentality is by writing in a GRATITUDE JOURNAL where you record the things you appreciate about life.

Here’s your suggested Action Item:

Each night, take 10 minutes and answer these 3 questions:  1) What was good about today?  2) Who did I connect with today that made it special?  3) What can I learn from my experiences today?

Trust me, by writing in your GRATITUDE JOURNAL every single day, your life will transform because you will start to see the beauty of each and every day.


Question: How do you have a successful life?

I believe the answer is: “Many successful years.”

And how do you have a successful year? …. Yes, you know the answer, “Many successful months.”

And how you have a successful month? …. That’s correct, “Many successful weeks.”

You know where we’re going. (SMILE)

And how do you have a successful week?

Absolutely!  “Many successful days.”

So the quality of our lives comes down to focusing on our DAILY successes.

To me, being grateful for who I am, the daily blessings, and what I currently have, are the KEYS to having a SUCCESSFUL Life.

When you are grateful, life takes on new meaning.

What do you think about this?  Does writing in your GRATITUDE JOURNAL resonate with you?  Will you give it a chance and do it?

Share your feedback by posting a comment because I appreciate and value your perspective.

Let me know if this insight resonates with you or not.

I am excited to hear from you.

Post your comment or send a quick email to: Purpose@SuccessByChoice.com because my team and I appreciate your feedback.

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